Our Team



Greg Marsh: Partner/Creative Director

Greg Marsh founded SLM Multimedia, a Maryland corporation, in 2011 and is both CEO and Creative Director. He is an eight-time Emmy Award-winning videographer, editor, and producer with more than 25 years of experience. As a veteran broadcast journalist, Greg has a unique command of storytelling and recognizes the importance of advancing information accurately.

Greg is highly trained in the art of detail and is not only skilled behind the camera he is a master at weaving video and audio components together in post-production to create seamless and engaging stories. In addition to 8 EMMY Awards, Greg is also a repeat recipient of the Associated Press Photographer of the Year Award and dozens of Awards from the National Press Photographers Association.


Jack Hardway: Videography/Photography/Web

Jack Hardway comes to SLM Multimedia as a successful Freelance Consultant with extensive experience in advance live broadcast technologies, computer software design, camera operations with robotics; and still photography. With over 15 years of technical media experience and a strong expertise with infield operations Jack is a welcome addition to our company.

Prior to joining and still actively involved Jack works with AC Liveline (Americas Cup Sailing), awarded THE GEORGE WENSEL OUTSTANDING INNOVATIVE TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT EMMY AWARD. He also works with Sportvision Inc. (the creator of footballs’ yellow line), NHL/MLB Virtual Advertisement, and many other areas of broadcasting.

Jack holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, current FAA Private Pilots license for Fixed wing and Rotorcraft, along with a Instruments Rating. He’s a father of three, and active in Civil Air Patrol. He enjoys the outdoors, the ocean, flying, and spending time involved with video projects.


David Harton: After Effects Animator/Editor/Sound Designer/Graphic Designer

David Harton brings to SLM his artistic vision and extensive background in both audio and video production. After receiving an AS in Recording Arts and a BS in Music Business at Full Sail University, he went on to earn a BFA in Cinematic Arts at UMBC.

For over 10 years he has been writing and performing music, recording local artists, building graphics and web pages, as well as working as a sound designer, resident audio engineer, photographer and videographer/editor with the Arts Collective at Howard Community College. He has also been filming and editing freelance and personal projects exploring synergetic audio-visual relationships.

Utilizing his vibrant mind and technical expertise, he creates scenic abstractions composed and processed in After Effects, accompanied by self-produced soundtracks. David channels his creativity within a professional environment to help bring to life the ideas and visions of others.



Jeffrey Levine, CPA, JD, LLM Director of Analytics and Data Visualization

Prior to joining SLM, Jeff was a senior informatics analyst for a Fortune 500 health care provider. His ability to recognize data patterns has always been a valuable source of information. Over the years he has invested significant time in acquiring a detailed understanding accounting/financial systems and processes to extract and promote reliable information.

After completing a joint JD/LLM program, which focused on business planning in environments of complex rules and regulations, Jeff learned how to apply objective information to deal with situations of uncertainty.

SLM Multimedia understands that not all stories can be told directly by video. We recognize the ability to take complex data results and graphically represent them is valuable in today social world. It’s because of these reason we welcome Jeff and his expertise in these fields to our organization.